Release Notes - CMS - Version 3.5.3 - HTML format


  • [CMS-4579] - The carousel blinks when we use the keyboard to browse to each item
  • [CMS-4580] - In the carousel, we cannot have the focus on the links of pages because the tags have not href attribute
  • [CMS-4581] - In the carousel, the links which appear inside items launch the slide action instead of go to the complete view
  • [CMS-4611] - Close all the stream
  • [CMS-4754] - GroupsTool pagination is not working.
  • [CMS-4880] - Error when changing the link to a file to download
  • [CMS-4883] - The context of research in the settings window of the filtered contents service disappears
  • [CMS-4956] - Creating a tag that has the same name than a tag from the skin create a tag with the same ID
  • [CMS-4981] - Configuration label in english is wrong
  • [CMS-5051] - No size for iterator when searching from a static filter
  • [CMS-5052] - [DEMO] Update profiles with new right for the unlock tool
  • [CMS-5111] - Check for workflow reference before removal.
  • [CMS-5114] - Error in the message "augmenter le retrait" / "diminuer le retrait"
  • [CMS-5118] - [Image slider] : The legend does not match the picture
  • [CMS-5170] - XPath Injection Vulnerability (lang param)
  • [CMS-5172] - [Filtered contents with slider view] : Links to news of another site does not work
  • [CMS-5173] - Public inscription could be not displayed
  • [CMS-5180] - If you use the keyboard to navigate in the carousel, it does not slide correctly.
  • [CMS-5203] - Some widgets does not work anymore
  • [CMS-5206] - [Broken links] : Links to the site are considered broken
  • [CMS-5213] - AmetysXSLThelper : user function fails

New Feature

  • [CMS-5171] - Add duplication page between 2 differents languages


  • [CMS-4324] - TextSplitter should go into AmetysXSLTHelper


  • [CMS-4564] - We should have the type of document in the result of a search when it is about a resource to download
  • [CMS-4590] - Jetty should be launched with more than 2 acceptors
  • [CMS-5068] - Support of FF 25-30
  • [CMS-5183] - Browser test should be inactivated using a config parameter
  • [CMS-5202] - Support of Chrome 31-35

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