Release Notes - External data - Version 2.0.0 - HTML format


  • [DATA-52] - Missing icon in the data inclusion tree
  • [DATA-53] - Bottom panel description of the insert query dialog does not reflect the selection
  • [DATA-54] - English in the insert query dialog box
  • [DATA-55] - Data source combo box field is not properly initialized
  • [DATA-57] - The dialog box combo box keeps deleted data sources in memory
  • [DATA-58] - Deletion of queries from the data sources tool
  • [DATA-65] - Editing database informations does not invalidate cache
  • [DATA-67] - Due to fixed id, unable to instantiate multiple QueryEditorButton
  • [DATA-68] - Cannot insert a query in a content (screenshot 2)
  • [DATA-70] - All query parameters are displayed in a same single column
  • [DATA-72] - DN of search is lost

New Feature

  • [DATA-69] - The data sources should be merged with global data sources defined in administration
  • [DATA-71] - Add a FO service to search on defined query (SQL or LDAP)


  • [DATA-49] - Migration for Ametys v4.0


  • [DATA-51] - Use of unexisting i18n key
  • [DATA-60] - QueryEditor.js should use Controller API to toggle and enable controller
  • [DATA-63] - New Pick Query widget
  • [DATA-64] - Add the hability to define a label for each search criteria

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