Release Notes - Newsletter - Version 2.5.0 - HTML format


  • [NEWSLETTER-31] - The content tool is closed after edition
  • [NEWSLETTER-270] - Automatic newsletters button does not work
  • [NEWSLETTER-274] - The user is not unregistered when he uses the link from the email
  • [NEWSLETTER-276] - I can't add image that have been cropped
  • [NEWSLETTER-277] - Error when I create an automatic newsletter
  • [NEWSLETTER-278] - Error when using default mariadb on ubuntu 16.04 : The maximum column size is 767 bytes
  • [NEWSLETTER-279] - Missing scrollbar on Newsletter archives service
  • [NEWSLETTER-281] - The widget to select a category should use glyph
  • [NEWSLETTER-286] - Remove a newsletter from the content tool leads to a js error


  • [NEWSLETTER-198] - Adding a button (in the ribbon) to test sending the newsletter to a specific email
  • [NEWSLETTER-280] - Migrate newsletter services to the new service parameters API

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