Release Notes - Newsletter - Version 2.6.0 - HTML format


  • [NEWSLETTER-214] - The preview of the newsletter should not use the wrapped content
  • [NEWSLETTER-235] - No synchronization between the selected newsletter in the tree and in the vizualisation tool
  • [NEWSLETTER-248] - Wrong success message when importing subscribers
  • [NEWSLETTER-263] - When I use the import of the images in the mail config parameter, the content illustrations does not work
  • [NEWSLETTER-268] - Number of "non imported email addresses" should be displayed
  • [NEWSLETTER-269] - Unexpected error message when no email are imported
  • [NEWSLETTER-282] - [Archives service] Weird behavior of the Number of records parameter
  • [NEWSLETTER-284] - Rights problems on newsletter, when I do not have the READER profile
  • [NEWSLETTER-287] - Clicking in custom category in tree makes the whole page blink
  • [NEWSLETTER-289] - AutomaticNewslettersScheduler and validateActionIds
  • [NEWSLETTER-292] - Content type should be private
  • [NEWSLETTER-293] - Impossible to create a newsletter
  • [NEWSLETTER-294] - Unable to send an automatic newsletter, an error occured : Action 3 is invalid
  • [NEWSLETTER-295] - Title of automatic newsletters appear with a {number}
  • [NEWSLETTER-296] - The automatic newsletter does not apppear as activated when selecting the category
  • [NEWSLETTER-297] - Multi service subscription newsletter in one page
  • [NEWSLETTER-299] - Unable to edit a newsletter
  • [NEWSLETTER-302] - Skin in jar issue



  • [NEWSLETTER-176] - It might be interesting to sort the newsletters in the list by number rather than their name
  • [NEWSLETTER-180] - Add the automatic newsletter periodicity in the selection dialog
  • [NEWSLETTER-275] - NewsletterTemplate should use the new FileReloaderUtils API to read the configuration file
  • [NEWSLETTER-290] - Error in default title for the subscription service
  • [NEWSLETTER-298] - Optimse SitemapCategoryProvider
  • [NEWSLETTER-300] - Migrate AutomaticNewslettersEngine to new cache system
  • [NEWSLETTER-301] - Order of tabs Broken link, content and newsletter in ribbon

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