Release Notes - Forms - Version 2.1.0 - HTML format


  • [FORMS-232] - Issue when clicking on "DonnĂ©es de formulaires orphelines"
  • [FORMS-300] - The mandatory param of the [type=file] input field should be in the Rules section like all others input and not in properties section
  • [FORMS-304] - Unable to display the list of forms when a form contains ":"
  • [FORMS-305] - The forms results sent by mail does not take care of the current language
  • [FORMS-306] - Duplicated code in FormEntriesWorkflowStepsClientSideElement
  • [FORMS-307] - Sender of send dialog box appears with a <>
  • [FORMS-308] - FormEntriesWorkflowMenu duplicate WorkflowMenu instead of extending it
  • [FORMS-313] - Error messages are appended in tooltip


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