Release Notes - Skin editor - Version 2.0.0 - HTML format


  • [SKIN-16] - The skin cache is not deleted when applying changes
  • [SKIN-51] - Error when creating a folder to the root
  • [SKIN-52] - Wrong sort in the tree
  • [SKIN-53] - The "Open file" button does not work
  • [SKIN-55] - Unable to change a letter from lower case to upper case in a folder name
  • [SKIN-56] - Sometimes, after adding a new file, this file does not appear in the tree
  • [SKIN-57] - D&D does not work
  • [SKIN-58] - Plus icon is sometimes visible for empty directories
  • [SKIN-59] - Some spelling mistakes in French
  • [SKIN-60] - [Editor Tool] JS error in the console when saving & leaving
  • [SKIN-61] - Missing the tooltip image for a JPG file
  • [SKIN-63] - Wrong displayed size of upload limit
  • [SKIN-65] - Error when opening an empty file
  • [SKIN-66] - Cannot edit a DTD file
  • [SKIN-68] - Open skin editor dialog is badly positionned, offsets the whole cms
  • [SKIN-69] - Wrong layout on skin editor dialog boxes
  • [SKIN-70] - JS error when opening the tool with specific options
  • [SKIN-71] - Uncorrect dimensions for tooltip thumbnails for image files
  • [SKIN-75] - The skin editor tool is empty
  • [SKIN-76] - Unable to add file on root directory
  • [SKIN-77] - Skin editor should not depend on
  • [SKIN-78] - Preview button does not work
  • [SKIN-79] - Unable to update a resource
  • [SKIN-80] - Failed to upload and unzip a ZIP file


  • [SKIN-50] - Migrate plugin for Ametys v4.0

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