Release Notes - Blog - Version 2.5.0 - HTML format


  • [BLOG-96] - Error creating a blog site with a language other than english or french
  • [BLOG-100] - No css applied for the navigation by tag service in central zones
  • [BLOG-119] - Not enough spacing between the title and the sub-title of a post
  • [BLOG-133] - Selected new post before its validation is in both draft and validated mode, but the online version doesn't exist.
  • [BLOG-139] - Missing link tag in RSS
  • [BLOG-142] - email validation regexp incorrect
  • [BLOG-143] - Email sent seems to be synchronous + wait message
  • [BLOG-145] - Search filter "With non-validated comment" does not work
  • [BLOG-149] - Too many search menus
  • [BLOG-154] - Missing button : Manage profiles
  • [BLOG-156] - An observer failed on content deletion
  • [BLOG-163] - Dates incorrect

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