Release Notes - Flipbook - Version 2.0.0 - HTML format


  • [FLIPBOOK-23] - Filpbook lost the zoom functionnality after the last upgrade
  • [FLIPBOOK-25] - Error when trying to add a flipbook from a local pdf file.
  • [FLIPBOOK-26] - Error when trying to add a flipbook.
  • [FLIPBOOK-27] - Error when adding an interactive pdf to a rich text in the content edition
  • [FLIPBOOK-28] - Wrong layout for insert PDF dialog
  • [FLIPBOOK-29] - Error opening a shared .pdf inserted into a content
  • [FLIPBOOK-30] - After updating the file in the resource explorer the interactive pdf is not updated
  • [FLIPBOOK-31] - The resolver "flipbook" does not cache the first interactive pdf page
  • [FLIPBOOK-35] - Update a resource don't update his references
  • [FLIPBOOK-36] - Flipbook : back of the browser is doing back on pages
  • [FLIPBOOK-38] - Generated flipbooks are not stored in cache at expected location
  • [FLIPBOOK-39] - Error when displaying a flipbook (from ressource explorer)
  • [FLIPBOOK-40] - Error 404 when using a pdf in the content



  • [FLIPBOOK-42] - Add a button to download the original PDF

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