Release Notes - Content IO - Version 3.0.0 - HTML format


  • [CONTENTIO-16] - Encoding error after importing a XML content
  • [CONTENTIO-17] - Move import's right to "administration" category
  • [CONTENTIO-24] - A collection should be editable on double clic
  • [CONTENTIO-25] - Add a label to content operator
  • [CONTENTIO-26] - Unable to edit a content
  • [CONTENTIO-28] - Edit collection tool should be in dirty state as soon as there are changes
  • [CONTENTIO-29] - Add a "Close without saving" button for collection edition
  • [CONTENTIO-30] - Add the content type and type of source as columns in collections tool
  • [CONTENTIO-31] - The collection mapping should not store the label of metadata
  • [CONTENTIO-32] - Do not store the empty attributes in mapping of remote sources
  • [CONTENTIO-33] - If an error occured during synchro, and no mail address is indicated, a NPE will occur
  • [CONTENTIO-34] - Error when synchronizing a userpopulation collection
  • [CONTENTIO-35] - Imported contents are not indexed by global indexing process
  • [CONTENTIO-36] - The LDAP import only synchronize 100 contents
  • [CONTENTIO-37] - Add workflow steps button for contents with workflow name "contentio"
  • [CONTENTIO-42] - Import fails when the metadata chosen for title contains only numbers
  • [CONTENTIO-43] - The validation of contents after import failed
  • [CONTENTIO-44] - When creating a new collection, the abstract content types are in the combobox
  • [CONTENTIO-47] - Metadata linked to user's login is empty
  • [CONTENTIO-48] - The synchronization can fail during the deletion of unexisting contents
  • [CONTENTIO-49] - When editing trying to edit a collection while the tool is already opened, the form is duplicated
  • [CONTENTIO-50] - Unabel to access front because of SynchronizedRootContentHelper
  • [CONTENTIO-51] - Wrong path of contents root node
  • [CONTENTIO-52] - Unable to create a page due to SynchronizedRootContentHelper
  • [CONTENTIO-54] - Invalidate cache during synchronization process
  • [CONTENTIO-55] - When remote value is empty for an unsynchronized field, the local value is not removed
  • [CONTENTIO-56] - Restricted field is lost when saving a synchronization model
  • [CONTENTIO-57] - When editing a collection, the grid for editing the mapping does not appear
  • [CONTENTIO-58] - When editing a collection with a UserPopulation mapping, the grid does not contain the columns for each user directory
  • [CONTENTIO-61] - NPE when synchronizing in IndexContentObserver
  • [CONTENTIO-62] - When importing a content, there is a NPE when trying to index it
  • [CONTENTIO-64] - admin tooltip error in mapping
  • [CONTENTIO-65] - If an error occurs while saving changes for a content, the next imported contents will fail
  • [CONTENTIO-66] - Force to current title if remote value of title is empty
  • [CONTENTIO-68] - [LDAP synchro] when editing a collection synchronized with LDAP, the mapping widget is not visually set
  • [CONTENTIO-113] - Sort the fields alphabetically in the administration


  • [CONTENTIO-23] - Add the ability import and synchronize a collection of contents with external data
  • [CONTENTIO-27] - Reorganize edit collection tool
  • [CONTENTIO-39] - Add a CollectionDataSourceConsumer to known if a data source is in use by collection
  • [CONTENTIO-40] - Add a DataSourceConsumer for collections
  • [CONTENTIO-41] - Add a PopulationConsumer for collections


  • [CONTENTIO-18] - Handle content references import
  • [CONTENTIO-60] - [Synchro] When creating a new collection, the parameter "Workflow" could have a default value

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