Release Notes - Content IO - Version 3.2.0 - HTML format


  • [CONTENTIO-135] - On the agent workflow, the validate button can not find the "getStatus" method
  • [CONTENTIO-147] - [SQL export] Wrong SQL data type for files and binaries
  • [CONTENTIO-150] - Use of i18n key of ODF pilotage plugin
  • [CONTENTIO-151] - [SQL export] Don't allow to launch two SQL exports at the same time
  • [CONTENTIO-159] - syntax error in EditCollectionTool.js



  • [CONTENTIO-136] - Add SQL Export
  • [CONTENTIO-137] - Add configurable synchronize action
  • [CONTENTIO-152] - Add a parameter of the language to the definition of a synchronization
  • [CONTENTIO-154] - The method applyChanges needs to be able to ignore rights
  • [CONTENTIO-155] - Handle file and binary during synchronisation
  • [CONTENTIO-160] - Add a #additionalCommonOperations to use for import and synchronize contents

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