Release Notes - Content IO - Version 3.4.0 - HTML format


  • [CONTENTIO-174] - Import or synchro mode is missing to execute the additional operations on SCC
  • [CONTENTIO-175] - [SCC] synchronized fields from multiple content types
  • [CONTENTIO-182] - [Import/export] Virtual page proprety is lost
  • [CONTENTIO-183] - Import of a content fail on outgoing reference
  • [CONTENTIO-184] - Data import : wiki pages inaccessible after workspaces import
  • [CONTENTIO-185] - [Archive import] It fails when there is no site to import

New Feature


  • [CONTENTIO-176] - [JUnit tests] Delete old API's warnings
  • [CONTENTIO-177] - Several refactors and missing features of archive export


  • [CONTENTIO-45] - Add the possibility to select synchronzation languages
  • [CONTENTIO-166] - A SCC should be marked invalid if its configuration is invalid
  • [CONTENTIO-172] - [SynchronizingContentOperator] Add the argument content type to transform method
  • [CONTENTIO-180] - Data import -admin : automatically update Sites list
  • [CONTENTIO-181] - Data import - improve mail when a content is ignored
  • [CONTENTIO-186] - Export/Import should not fail when exporting an unknown serviceId
  • [CONTENTIO-187] - Data archiving : behaviour when a content type does not exist anymore

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