Release Notes - Maps - Version 2.0.0 - HTML format


  • [MAPS-30] - Migrate Maps for Ametys v4.0
  • [MAPS-34] - The color picker of the shape editing dialog box should use the ColorSelector widget
  • [MAPS-35] - Many graphical issues with the service's creation dialog box
  • [MAPS-37] - Error after creating the service
  • [MAPS-38] - Wrong dialog for editing service parameters
  • [MAPS-39] - Unable to change color of a shape
  • [MAPS-40] - The focus of the map is not concentred on the points of interest but in the sea where there is nothing
  • [MAPS-41] - The marker icons dialog focus is not properly set
  • [MAPS-42] - Maps' service not working


  • [MAPS-32] - Dragged and dropped points of interest are not saved
  • [MAPS-33] - Double click to end the drawing of a shape is not working


  • [MAPS-21] - The description field of a point of interest could be a rich text?
  • [MAPS-36] - Change the widget for selecting the color of a zone

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