Release Notes - Links directory - Version 2.0.0 - HTML format


  • [LINKS-32] - The parameters "Display urls" and "Display themes" does not change anything with the veiw "Thumbnail"
  • [LINKS-34] - Remove static component references in DirectoryHelper
  • [LINKS-40] - LinkDirectoryInputData should not log as ERROR when the file skin://conf/link-themes.xml does not exists
  • [LINKS-44] - Link directory service display : The rights restriction is not always taken into account
  • [LINKS-46] - The service failed when no theme is selected
  • [LINKS-47] - JS error when deleting a link
  • [LINKS-50] - Link modification with no image
  • [LINKS-51] - Translations not found
  • [LINKS-54] - The move buttons in the toolbar are not enabled/disabled after moving an element
  • [LINKS-55] - Can't create a link with a shared resource as picture
  • [LINKS-56] - Wrong alignment of link title and icon
  • [LINKS-57] - Link addition/edition/deletion icons are not centered
  • [LINKS-59] - Error when accessing to the site statistics
  • [LINKS-71] - Suppression d'une image dans l'explorateur de ressource utilisée en tant que vignette
  • [LINKS-72] - Unable to get links selected by FO user
  • [LINKS-74] - Granted users and groups should be stored into a root node
  • [LINKS-75] - Inputdata should not have a difference between BO and FO
  • [LINKS-76] - Unable to edit link if the granted group has been deleted on LDAP
  • [LINKS-79] - Error when adding a new link
  • [LINKS-80] - The icon of the first edited link is displayed in the second link
  • [LINKS-81] - On FF49 clicking on a link toward a CMS page open a blank page with "object [Object]"
  • [LINKS-86] - Link to a page are lost since the last version of the plugin (external + internal)
  • [LINKS-87] - Groups are not displayed when editing a link
  • [LINKS-88] - Internal links are not displayed on front-office
  • [LINKS-90] - Cannot creates a link to a page
  • [LINKS-92] - When the "show url" field is checked, the url displayed in the CMS is ugly.

New Feature

  • [LINKS-73] - In service, save the links in user preferences should be available on BO side
  • [LINKS-89] - Provide a bookmarklet to create a user link


  • [LINKS-6] - Add a link short description
  • [LINKS-41] - Plugin Link-Directory for Ametys v4.0
  • [LINKS-58] - The link directory should enable us adding a link to a page managed by Ametys
  • [LINKS-77] - Order links in the link directory module
  • [LINKS-84] - Add internal URL to link

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