Release Notes - Links directory - Version 2.1.0 - HTML format


  • [LINKS-95] - Image of links are not served anymore (403 error)
  • [LINKS-99] - When there is no item the tooltip must be empty
  • [LINKS-100] - The number of max items for dynamic information is not easily overrideable
  • [LINKS-101] - Handle date in default view of dynamic information
  • [LINKS-102] - Inputdata generates wrong sax events when no themes in configured for given template

New Feature

  • [LINKS-94] - Displaying dynamic information
  • [LINKS-96] - Handle variables in url of a web service


  • [LINKS-97] - [Refactoring] Rename webservice* to dynamic information*


  • [LINKS-98] - Helper class for generate xml flux understood by linkdirectory
  • [LINKS-103] - [Dynamic Information] Add uniqueId attribute to xsl template for input data

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