Release Notes - Links directory - Version 2.2.0 - HTML format


  • [LINKS-93] - The link to add a favorite link use jqtransform whereas our skin does not use this library
  • [LINKS-106] - Can not add a favorite when the login has an "@"
  • [LINKS-108] - Impossible to rename a theme
  • [LINKS-109] - There is no dynamic link and yet the next JS is generated
  • [LINKS-110] - InputData Links Directory and dynamic information : Problem in the JS when there are several themes
  • [LINKS-111] - Link directory : Cannot add/remove personalised link
  • [LINKS-112] - Cannot edit a link with many users
  • [LINKS-114] - Useless request to update no links...
  • [LINKS-116] - When no theme is defined, dynamic information are not displayed
  • [LINKS-121] - Impossible to save preferences


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