Release Notes - Links directory - Version 2.6.0 - HTML format


  • [LINKS-132] - When we configure the font awesome v5, not only the free icons appears but also all that are payable and only unexisting combinaisons
  • [LINKS-143] - Escape label for configuration window
  • [LINKS-148] - Skin "intranet" is hard coded to get colors
  • [LINKS-150] - Hard coded value
  • [LINKS-151] - AmetysHelperLinkDirectory.saveUserPrefs fails to save order
  • [LINKS-152] - The order of links is not respected
  • [LINKS-155] - Use default color in a link if no color was saved
  • [LINKS-156] - Personalized categories are not saved in JCR
  • [LINKS-157] - Links Status for normal links is USUAL ... should be NORMAL
  • [LINKS-158] - Update data from demo

New Feature


  • [LINKS-145] - Pass migration script on demo repository


  • [LINKS-137] - Improve link directory feature
  • [LINKS-138] - Add restricted access tool for link
  • [LINKS-139] - Add new field for link
  • [LINKS-140] - Add default theme for user link
  • [LINKS-142] - Improve user preference for links
  • [LINKS-144] - Download favicon for user links
  • [LINKS-146] - Migrate link directory service to the new service parameters API
  • [LINKS-154] - Handle the color and return more information when a link is created

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