Release Notes - Links directory - Version 2.12.0 - HTML format


  • [LINKS-85] - Error when validating whithout choosing file
  • [LINKS-172] - Can not go down or mount a link when sorting is enabled
  • [LINKS-175] - Service link directory thrown an error
  • [LINKS-176] - You cannot add or delete a favorite in the link directory plugin
  • [LINKS-178] - When a user insert its link without http or https then the link is not working in href
  • [LINKS-179] - Skin in jar issue


  • [LINKS-128] - Add the id and key of the theme in link directory input data
  • [LINKS-174] - When I save the user preferences for a list it impacts the 2nd list too
  • [LINKS-177] - Impossible to add and display custom links when NOT using the service

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