Release Notes - Links directory - Version 2.13.0 - HTML format


  • [LINKS-91] - A blink effect when I click on the button to select a page because the field take up error styles has soon as I click on the button
  • [LINKS-119] - Pictogram display problem
  • [LINKS-136] - The label of the checkbox that appears in customize link directory service window should be cliquable like the checkbox
  • [LINKS-162] - Links with dynamic informations, deactivated by the user, will still fetch those informations
  • [LINKS-165] - Error displaying a mail with the character "&" in skin
  • [LINKS-168] - When a page is added to favorite, the call is made to HTTP and not HTTPS
  • [LINKS-173] - Error when double clicking on "New link"
  • [LINKS-180] - No link directory button
  • [LINKS-189] - Inputdata should also work with themes from repository


  • [LINKS-181] - We should be able to create link theme used into a skin from a conf file of the skin
  • [LINKS-183] - Download of an image in link directory should open a new tab in navigator
  • [LINKS-185] - Migrate to new API
  • [LINKS-187] - The LinkDirectoryAccessController should not be involved in hasX methods

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