Release Notes - Cart - Version 2.0.0 - HTML format


  • [CART-43] - Fix i18n message of the "add to cart" right description messages
  • [CART-44] - The cart visibility is not updated in the gallery after changing it
  • [CART-46] - Search extensions are not take into account in search tools
  • [CART-47] - Failed to add a search into cart
  • [CART-49] - CMS application is blocked if a open cart does not exist anymore
  • [CART-51] - CartSearchExtension is not registered in SolrSearchToolExtensions
  • [CART-52] - drop content in cart does not work
  • [CART-53] - <right context-prefix="/contributor"> still present in plugin-cart
  • [CART-54] - Error when assigning rights to a cart
  • [CART-55] - Grouping issue with ExtJS 6.5
  • [CART-56] - cart display crash if something is inside with an unfound user
  • [CART-57] - Missing buttons to add a content or a resource to cart
  • [CART-58] - Cart tool should not used contents' id as record's id
  • [CART-59] - Replace icons by glyphes
  • [CART-63] - Mandatory fields without stars in dialog boxes


  • [CART-42] - Migration to ExtJS 6
  • [CART-45] - Replace icons by glyphes
  • [CART-48] - Use glyphes for search extensions
  • [CART-50] - Allow to use glyph for cart elements


  • [CART-60] - Allow multiple groups for carts elements (tool and export XML, CVS, print)

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