Release Notes - Queries directory - Version 2.0.0 - HTML format


  • [QUERIES-38] - Unable to create a query with an existing title
  • [QUERIES-42] - If a query author does not exist anymore, the tool crashes at opening
  • [QUERIES-46] - The static import QuerySearchExtensions.js is not loaded
  • [QUERIES-47] - Buttons in the SearchTool for creating query are not present
  • [QUERIES-49] - The query visibility is not updated in the gallery after changing it
  • [QUERIES-50] - QuerySearchExtensions is not registered in SolrSearchToolExtensions
  • [QUERIES-51] - i18n DAOS_QUERY_SAVEAS_ERROR is not defined
  • [QUERIES-52] - Private and shared queries are availables for non authorized users
  • [QUERIES-54] - Save search sorting in query
  • [QUERIES-57] - Unable to access queries directory tool
  • [QUERIES-59] - A query's adminitrator user has no access to contextual ribbon for private queries
  • [QUERIES-60] - Apply formatting does not work anymore for search tool
  • [QUERIES-61] - Unable to apply formatting on a search tool
  • [QUERIES-62] - Unable to apply formatting on a solr search tool
  • [QUERIES-63] - Unable to save a query
  • [QUERIES-64] - Unable to replace a existing formatting
  • [QUERIES-65] - When applying a formatting, the id of current formatting in tool is not updated
  • [QUERIES-66] - Can not save the modification of a request
  • [QUERIES-67] - Error when accessing a request in the library in the back-office
  • [QUERIES-68] - Save formatting behaviour
  • [QUERIES-70] - The format/query save dialog suggest incompatibles formats/queries
  • [QUERIES-74] - Impossible to open a saved query when the system criteria contentLanguage is not available


  • [QUERIES-40] - Migration to ExtJS 6
  • [QUERIES-43] - Migrate pipelines to callables when possible
  • [QUERIES-48] - Theme tools and replace icon by glyphes
  • [QUERIES-56] - Allow to save the formatting of a query (colums, facets, sort)


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