Release Notes - Queries directory - Version 2.3.0 - HTML format


  • [QUERIES-36] - "Save" and "Save as..." are confusing
  • [QUERIES-45] - Visual bug with Visibility menu
  • [QUERIES-58] - Spelling mistake
  • [QUERIES-72] - Impossible to restore the default grouping
  • [QUERIES-75] - Wrong title of the opened tool
  • [QUERIES-77] - Applying a formatting on an empty solr tool displays a warning but succeed
  • [QUERIES-86] - Query administrator cannot update or delete a query he doesn't owned
  • [QUERIES-97] - Strange behavior on drag&drop then rename query


  • [QUERIES-24] - Add a right to access queries tool
  • [QUERIES-71] - Save the grouping metadata into the saved format
  • [QUERIES-83] - Tool : Toggle button to show/hide empty directories
  • [QUERIES-85] - Tool : A toggle button for administrators to show/hide queries on which they don't have explicit rights (except admin right)
  • [QUERIES-87] - Tool : Button to collapse all the tree

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