Release Notes - User Directory - Version 2.0.0 - HTML format


  • [UD-27] - Cache is not cleared after content deletion and creation
  • [UD-29] - Virtual user pages does not handle composite metadata for classification
  • [UD-30] - Unable to advance workflow of a user content
  • [UD-31] - Use the "user-page" template if exists for user page
  • [UD-34] - When deleting the root directory, the user pages are still indexed
  • [UD-35] - After modifying the root page, the user pages in live are not reindexed properly
  • [UD-37] - Enable to choose a depth of 0 for root directory
  • [UD-40] - The helper to get user content should have the language as a parameter
  • [UD-41] - Missing metadata sets for abstract content type "user"
  • [UD-46] - An unindexation failed due to an unexisting page in live ?
  • [UD-47] - Remove the illustration of a content does work on production mode
  • [UD-50] - Sometime during the import, LDAP connection is closing and import is stopped
  • [UD-52] - Unable to find a person by name only
  • [UD-53] - Users with a last name that contains two letters + space + letters are not available in the User Directory
  • [UD-54] - Global indexation can fail if a content which does not exist anymore is still present in cache
  • [UD-57] - Cannot create a virtual page hierarchy if one value return only digits
  • [UD-58] - Cannot create a virtual page hierarchy if one value is missing for the classification metadata
  • [UD-59] - Total indexation fails caused by login naming based on numerous
  • [UD-60] - Unable to display the mapping when editing a synchronization
  • [UD-61] - A virtual factory TransitionalPageFactory failed on #hasAmetysObjectForId when the root page does not exist
  • [UD-64] - The root page of user directory leads to 404 on live
  • [UD-65] - If the value of classification metadata contains only numbers, user page does not exists


  • [UD-26] - Migrate user directory for v4
  • [UD-28] - Add a BO search UI
  • [UD-33] - The pages of user content with the restricted field to true, have to be restricted to connected users


  • [UD-9] - Add a button to run manually the synchro
  • [UD-22] - Add a pipeline to launch poulation generation
  • [UD-32] - Prohibit to create 2 user directory root pages on the same content type
  • [UD-36] - The abstract content types appear in the dialog box for setting the root page
  • [UD-38] - Add xslthelper to get the content (User) of the connected user and to get the page
  • [UD-45] - Need a RightContextConvertor for synchronized contents ?
  • [UD-51] - LDAD field removed are not removed during sync process

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