Release Notes - User Directory - Version 2.3.0 - HTML format


  • [UD-69] - Directory search results in the back office: impossible to bulk delete
  • [UD-79] - BO search fails with state criteria
  • [UD-113] - Change name "User" for "Person" as Users already exist in CMS
  • [UD-114] - Input field for parent entity does not update if lang is changed
  • [UD-115] - User creation inputs fields do not have the same size
  • [UD-118] - StackOverflow when there is a loop in org unit hierarchy
  • [UD-119] - Inconsistensy in search results and graph
  • [UD-128] - User page is not indexed
  • [UD-141] - When I cannot set a directory root => no user side error messag
  • [UD-155] - It is forbidden to use "." into an ID attribute
  • [UD-164] - A user created outside synchronization process does not appear in BO search result
  • [UD-166] - Back Office search engine on users is very slow the first time it is launched
  • [UD-172] - Bad title of the page (regression compared to v3)
  • [UD-173] - The "title" field is not present in the mapping
  • [UD-174] - The title must be mandatory for the abstract content type user
  • [UD-175] - Unable to use a user directory content in the new search engine service
  • [UD-176] - Can't display full organization chart
  • [UD-177] - 4.1 to 4.2 migration: organization charts configuration loses hierarchical level info
  • [UD-178] - An error occurred when synchronizing entities to delete all al them
  • [UD-179] - UserDirectoryPageHandler#getUserPagesContent(Page, String) is broken if multiple roots set in different sitemaps
  • [UD-180] - User related criteria appear in the criterion list while the returnable is not selected
  • [UD-181] - An error occured during synchro : Illegal entry position: the entry index '23' is either negative or exceed the size of the repeater [22]
  • [UD-183] - All virtual pages are reindexed when a user content is edited
  • [UD-184] - The user is not updated when we removed from the entity
  • [UD-185] - When we delete or edit a UD content, the indexation observers are not enough
  • [UD-186] - NPE when deleting all the contents (
  • [UD-187] - Unable to define the mapping in the synchronization tool


  • [UD-62] - Why not disable indexation of synchronizable contents during the syncho process
  • [UD-102] - Use applyChanges from the superclass instead of rewriting the code
  • [UD-125] - Renaming entity content => the entity virtual page is renamed
  • [UD-159] - Index orgunit ancestors in one field for search purpose
  • [UD-182] - Unable to choose the person to display in the orgchart
  • [UD-188] - Migrate UserDirectoryPageHandler to new cache system

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