Release Notes - User Directory - Version 2.5.0 - HTML format


  • [UD-198] - On a site you cannot have a directory in FR and a directory in EN
  • [UD-220] - NPE in rights
  • [UD-225] - The virtual page cache does not handle languages
  • [UD-227] - Error when synchronizing entities using Oracle and Priority
  • [UD-228] - An error occured when there are two sites with user directory root without the same parameters
  • [UD-229] - [User synchro] user data is not well updated
  • [UD-230] - [OrgUnit SCC] Logged number of synchronized contents should depend on updated hierarchical relations
  • [UD-231] - SCC: User data imported with the wrong type
  • [UD-234] - Unable to modify a user on front-office after synchro
  • [UD-235] - User synchronization does not end using 4.5M5
  • [UD-236] - Error when using orgunits as user directory root page sorting attribute
  • [UD-238] - Add a UserContentReturnable to be able to create a search service with user contents
  • [UD-241] - Problems with deletion of synchronized contents
  • [UD-243] - The ID of the parameters for searching on Users (Page) has been changed on 4.5M7 without migration
  • [UD-246] - Error in SendMailToUserFunction when a user is validated.
  • [UD-247] - Missing translation "CONTENT_TYPES_UD_USER_MOBILE_DESC"

New Feature

  • [UD-240] - Add view for vertical organization chart


  • [UD-203] - Delete old API's warnings
  • [UD-239] - Move pipeline to serve user's avatar to user-directory plugin


  • [UD-233] - Migrate signup form to new sax of a view
  • [UD-237] - Add the possibility to choose the user content view for virtual pages
  • [UD-244] - Move "user" workflow to plugins
  • [UD-245] - Move "udorgunit" workflow to plugins

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