Release Notes - Workspaces - Version 1.5.0 - HTML format


  • [WORKSPACES-60] - Event title cut in week view
  • [WORKSPACES-97] - Event description field size to be limited
  • [WORKSPACES-146] - [Documents] An updated or restored image file displays the old image
  • [WORKSPACES-196] - [Tasks] Sort, limit and offset are not working when there are several projects
  • [WORKSPACES-208] - Document stream service should show documents of all users
  • [WORKSPACES-235] - event endDate if fullDay event is the beginning of the last day
  • [WORKSPACES-276] - The module Wiki create the empty ZoneItem even if the content failed to be created
  • [WORKSPACES-278] - No error displayed on the front when the wiki new page failed to be properly initialized
  • [WORKSPACES-290] - right "dublin Core" is displaying the button to modify inline a document
  • [WORKSPACES-297] - When there is no response from the server, the window to choose if we want to wait or to cancel is behind the overlay
  • [WORKSPACES-304] - The height of the bloc containing the summary is too small
  • [WORKSPACES-318] - Help popups not appropriated
  • [WORKSPACES-324] - Add a member problem
  • [WORKSPACES-327] - The text and avatar of the select choices of the form to assign a task to a member is too small
  • [WORKSPACES-328] - On IE, the progress bar of the tasks of the list does not appears
  • [WORKSPACES-337] - after I made a research in the search form of the forum, I cannot get the initial list again
  • [WORKSPACES-340] - In the forum, when I insert a link into a thread, there is a non explicit choice for target
  • [WORKSPACES-344] - If someone delete the document that I added in the documentary base of a project, the dashboard delete all history about this document
  • [WORKSPACES-345] - From the dashboard, the link to see the event is "See the event" but it should be "See the event's calendar"
  • [WORKSPACES-347] - The update of a task and the post of a new message in a thread are not notified on the dashboard
  • [WORKSPACES-351] - Problem bullets and numbers
  • [WORKSPACES-356] - In the workspaces, the buttons should be displayed at the same place and with the same appearance
  • [WORKSPACES-360] - Rich text fields should have the same styles than the simple textarea
  • [WORKSPACES-378] - Webdav edition doesn't work on MAC
  • [WORKSPACES-379] - Menu to manage tags in the documentary base is truncated
  • [WORKSPACES-415] - The services are automaticaly configured without title but, the tag H element is displayed
  • [WORKSPACES-449] - Simple activity stream service : Untranslated key
  • [WORKSPACES-470] - Event creation : Alignement problem
  • [WORKSPACES-482] - When the FO research return only documents of the workspace, the number of results displayed is 0
  • [WORKSPACES-490] - Incoherent sort in view list
  • [WORKSPACES-491] - For an event which occured at J-1, Yesterday has to be displayed in activity flow
  • [WORKSPACES-499] - Problem with special characters as smileys in Threads and comments
  • [WORKSPACES-545] - [Activity stream] Task status changed event is very short
  • [WORKSPACES-548] - We should be able to rename the content loaded by default into the wiki page
  • [WORKSPACES-559] - [Documents - External ECM] Error when clicking on History or Comments tab in file's information panel
  • [WORKSPACES-560] - [Documents - External ECM] Error with deleted documents or disconnected ECM
  • [WORKSPACES-564] - The character (/) in the title of a folder prevents the document from being uploaded to the dashboard
  • [WORKSPACES-570] - We check the wrong right when verifying if the user can edit a project's member
  • [WORKSPACES-573] - Add member with an empty characters email
  • [WORKSPACES-575] - Webdav token issue
  • [WORKSPACES-584] - ICS export of agenda have to specify the timezone
  • [WORKSPACES-589] - The projects catalogue service is querying every where for the right to create a project
  • [WORKSPACES-590] - [WebDav] Edit button disappear after error with docx file
  • [WORKSPACES-592] - Events of differents projects are not well merged
  • [WORKSPACES-593] - NullPointer after deleting a site
  • [WORKSPACES-599] - Export funcitonnality only export non empty folders
  • [WORKSPACES-601] - Mail received whereas no changes done in table

New Feature

  • [WORKSPACES-567] - Add a request cache for getting url of module's pages



  • [WORKSPACES-571] - Do not use the DataHolder.dataToSAX method for project's cover image and site's illustration
  • [WORKSPACES-600] - Four icons of calendar do not have tooltip

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