Release Notes - Front Edition - Version 1.0.0 - HTML format


  • [FRONTEDIT-6] - Scroll issue with richtext
  • [FRONTEDIT-7] - Widget bigger than edition zone should be vertically centered
  • [FRONTEDIT-8] - Richtext are always considered as requiring a save
  • [FRONTEDIT-13] - Extjs CSS loading creates a blink effect
  • [FRONTEDIT-14] - Edition should start only when clicking on the edit button
  • [FRONTEDIT-16] - RichText height is miscomputed
  • [FRONTEDIT-17] - RichText position on small text is wrong due to the new offset option
  • [FRONTEDIT-19] - Cannot edit an empty richtext
  • [FRONTEDIT-20] - Generic onchange way
  • [FRONTEDIT-21] - Content widget on change is throw at opending
  • [FRONTEDIT-23] - No error message when saving fail
  • [FRONTEDIT-24] - Input for edition is misaligned when the font-size is too big to fit
  • [FRONTEDIT-25] - Unable to insert a picture in rich text during FO edition
  • [FRONTEDIT-27] - Insert link to CMS page does not work

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