Release Notes - Front Edition - Version 1.1.0 - HTML format


  • [FRONTEDIT-28] - We leave FO edition when moving a dialog box during edition
  • [FRONTEDIT-30] - Huge error dialog
  • [FRONTEDIT-42] - When creating a page, JS function does not load properly
  • [FRONTEDIT-45] - Opening a content can cause an exception
  • [FRONTEDIT-47] - The table button is a split button, but the left side do nothing
  • [FRONTEDIT-48] - Should not be able to insert table into a table
  • [FRONTEDIT-50] - Editing a big richtext does not scroll correctly
  • [FRONTEDIT-53] - Getting workflow right doesn't work with several workflow action ids
  • [FRONTEDIT-54] - Content to be unlocked
  • [FRONTEDIT-58] - Macro for automatic page/content creation doesn't work correctly
  • [FRONTEDIT-59] - Problem to move pages
  • [FRONTEDIT-60] - Links management
  • [FRONTEDIT-62] - When richtext is large, there is a whitespace at the bottom
  • [FRONTEDIT-63] - The rich text editor on FO should have a min size
  • [FRONTEDIT-64] - Label of right for FO edition
  • [FRONTEDIT-66] - Wrong initialisation of edition mode on front-edition.xsl
  • [FRONTEDIT-67] - Multiple issues to insert attachments or resources
  • [FRONTEDIT-68] - Front edition right should be checked on current page instead of "/cms" context
  • [FRONTEDIT-69] - Pictures of header row and column are inverted
  • [FRONTEDIT-70] - Uncessary protection "can-come-from-front"
  • [FRONTEDIT-77] - This plugin locks live node when editing
  • [FRONTEDIT-79] - Problem with ametys-front-edition-insert-move-page-button XSL template

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