Release Notes - Front Edition - Version 1.7.0 - HTML format


New Feature

  • [FRONTEDIT-148] - Allow to create content with the page creation wizard
  • [FRONTEDIT-156] - Import and manage videos from front edition
  • [FRONTEDIT-157] - Add a Schedule publication button
  • [FRONTEDIT-164] - Add a AmetysFrontEditionHelper.findPagesIdsByTagInDefaultWorkspace to get the id of a page from its tags in default workspaces


  • [FRONTEDIT-161] - Improve javadoc of AmetysFrontEditionHelper.hasFrontEditionRight


  • [FRONTEDIT-143] - In the page creation popup, the option "Long title" could be disabled
  • [FRONTEDIT-144] - The front Edit dialog boxes should be responsive
  • [FRONTEDIT-145] - Allow to easily overload all the keys used for the page creation popup
  • [FRONTEDIT-146] - Automatically assign the title entered as "short page title" to the content title
  • [FRONTEDIT-147] - Add a helper which allows to enter edition mode and add an element at once
  • [FRONTEDIT-150] - Switch to Material theme
  • [FRONTEDIT-151] - Add a callback function when front edition is initialized
  • [FRONTEDIT-152] - Front edition helper should check rights on default workspace
  • [FRONTEDIT-153] - Enhance material design
  • [FRONTEDIT-159] - Display the text counter in texearea and rich-text
  • [FRONTEDIT-163] - Date and time fields : add some space between the border and the value
  • [FRONTEDIT-167] - Allow to override the callack function when deleting page

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