Release Notes - ContentTypes Editor - Version 1.1.0 - HTML format


New Feature

  • [CTYPEEDIT-64] - Choose if a data of content type is multilingual (i18n) or not
  • [CTYPEEDIT-70] - Edit metadataset of content type



  • [CTYPEEDIT-65] - Use illustration widget for select glyphs
  • [CTYPEEDIT-66] - Create an edition tab with a right
  • [CTYPEEDIT-69] - Use the EditContentTypeHelper of CMS
  • [CTYPEEDIT-72] - Edit parent-ref of a content type
  • [CTYPEEDIT-73] - Disabled edition buttons when metadata of parent content type is selected
  • [CTYPEEDIT-74] - Add warning when a metadata is removed
  • [CTYPEEDIT-75] - Add warning when a metadata becomes mandatory

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