Release Notes - ContentTypes Editor - Version 1.3.0 - HTML format


  • [CTYPEEDIT-118] - Two "main" views are created for each new content type
  • [CTYPEEDIT-125] - Overriding a content type in the editor creates a full duplication of all views
  • [CTYPEEDIT-128] - Updating a view
  • [CTYPEEDIT-131] - The list of widgets proposed are only the possible 'default' widgets. Not all that exists
  • [CTYPEEDIT-132] - Excel export doesn't work anymore
  • [CTYPEEDIT-133] - Graphical export is not correct


  • [CTYPEEDIT-94] - Migrate to new metadata API and vocabulary
  • [CTYPEEDIT-117] - Associate a title attribute to a new content type
  • [CTYPEEDIT-129] - Overriding an attribute of a content type leads to override all views containing this attribute

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