Release Notes - Extraction - Version 1.1.0 - HTML format


  • [EXTRACT-63] - Missing question mark at the end of the question
  • [EXTRACT-66] - The 'file name' field is not focused when opening new dialog box
  • [EXTRACT-69] - Incorrect additional description
  • [EXTRACT-78] - The file is created even if an error occurs
  • [EXTRACT-90] - [EditComponentDialog] Search on 'saved query' combobox does not work
  • [EXTRACT-91] - Errors in stylesheets are logged in System.err instead of Log4J
  • [EXTRACT-94] - Tests fail
  • [EXTRACT-96] - Default serializer to XML
  • [EXTRACT-98] - TextPipelineSerializer._setOutputProps(...) shouldn't be static
  • [EXTRACT-99] - Unable to add clauses and clauses variables via the edition tool

New Feature

  • [EXTRACT-88] - Have an URL to execute an extraction


  • [EXTRACT-87] - Exception when there are two groups containing the same variable
  • [EXTRACT-92] - Pipeline descriptors must hold the subfolder parameter


  • [EXTRACT-51] - Propose to save unsaved changes before execute an extraction
  • [EXTRACT-70] - It would be cool to download result by double-click
  • [EXTRACT-71] - Extract result is on one line
  • [EXTRACT-80] - Mail to notify an error in the extraction is too short
  • [EXTRACT-81] - Add a refresh button to the results tool
  • [EXTRACT-82] - Stylesheets should be somewhere under WEB-INF/param
  • [EXTRACT-83] - Add a button to delete results
  • [EXTRACT-84] - Results should be organized in folders/sub-folders
  • [EXTRACT-85] - XSLT pipeline for results
  • [EXTRACT-86] - Organize results depending on resulting data
  • [EXTRACT-97] - Add the encoding parameter to the TextPipelineSerializerModel

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