Release Notes - Extraction - Version 1.5.0 - HTML format


  • [EXTRACT-119] - In the mail that notifies the end of an extraction, the links to the execution or result tools don't work in site context
  • [EXTRACT-124] - DeleteExtractionsSchedulable: Files in subfolders aren't deleted

New Feature


  • [EXTRACT-126] - Use ConfigurableFormPanel2018 for forms


  • [EXTRACT-52] - Improve the mail that notify the end of an extraction
  • [EXTRACT-112] - Allow users to put the extraction definitions files in hierarchical directories
  • [EXTRACT-113] - Add visibility to the extractions (public, shared, private)
  • [EXTRACT-115] - Automatically remove old extraction results
  • [EXTRACT-116] - Add a button in the main menu, and review rights
  • [EXTRACT-118] - Add buttons to manage folders in the extraction definitions tool

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