Release Notes - Extraction - Version 1.7.0 - HTML format


  • [EXTRACT-133] - Extractions filters output don't take child into account
  • [EXTRACT-135] - Missing JS dependency in right.assignment.context.extractionaccess
  • [EXTRACT-136] - Modifying rights on Extraction shouldn't reload ACL cache
  • [EXTRACT-137] - Extraction rights shouldn't be categorized as admin rights
  • [EXTRACT-138] - After updating rights on extraction context, impossible to access to this context
  • [EXTRACT-139] - Rights: On selecting context, I have an error
  • [EXTRACT-140] - NPE on automatic migration 20210618T0000
  • [EXTRACT-145] - [Regression] Results: display the last modification date and order
  • [EXTRACT-146] - Delete result right doesn't disable the deletion button
  • [EXTRACT-148] - Migration failure
  • [EXTRACT-149] - Missing i18n key "application:WORKFLOW_extraction-description"
  • [EXTRACT-150] - Author cache: invalid label and description
  • [EXTRACT-151] - Extraction description tool is not robust to unknown description ID in definition


  • [EXTRACT-130] - Migrate extraction to kernel right system
  • [EXTRACT-131] - Make clause variables multiples
  • [EXTRACT-141] - Provide an enumerator listing the extraction results
  • [EXTRACT-142] - Download multiple result files
  • [EXTRACT-143] - Delete multiple result files
  • [EXTRACT-144] - Remove the delete button from the root on results
  • [EXTRACT-147] - Xml serialization: Don't ignore output parameters
  • [EXTRACT-152] - Move "extract-description" workflow to plugins

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