Release Notes - CMS - Version 4.4.6 - HTML format


  • [CMS-10898] - ReferenceTableSearchUIModel: Groups are not supported
  • [CMS-10918] - Multiple errors in logs when MetadataSetDefGenerator is called with null content
  • [CMS-10924] - Anti spam mail helper generated script with > instead of >
  • [CMS-10932] - Failed to download attribut of type file in a search tool
  • [CMS-10933] - ContentSearchTool does not take into account glyph and decorator set in params
  • [CMS-10934] - CMS Scripttool should not auto refresh
  • [CMS-10936] - Missing vertical scrollbar in the criteria part of all search tool
  • [CMS-10937] - Missing view default-edition on ArchivedContent
  • [CMS-10947] - CPU at 100% when having nested comments (between 7 and 17 nested comments)


  • [CMS-10939] - Workflow condition fail description should be more precise when due to global validator

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