Release Notes - Newsletter - Version 2.0.0 - HTML format


  • [NEWSLETTER-216] - Unable to restore a newsletter content
  • [NEWSLETTER-219] - The value of the param siteName is missing in the stylesheet of the demo skin
  • [NEWSLETTER-223] - Unable to restore previous version
  • [NEWSLETTER-226] - No error message when newsletter subscription failed
  • [NEWSLETTER-227] - Translations not found
  • [NEWSLETTER-228] - SubscriberDAO does not declare a dependency to runtime.datasource.core
  • [NEWSLETTER-229] - A newsletter is not validated if user answer 'no' on confirm box
  • [NEWSLETTER-230] - Error when creating a category with an existing name
  • [NEWSLETTER-232] - "Lang"' next to the language combobox of the tree
  • [NEWSLETTER-233] - Switching languages in the tree has no effect
  • [NEWSLETTER-234] - Controller error when selecting a newsletter category
  • [NEWSLETTER-236] - Several languages of translation in the same dialog box
  • [NEWSLETTER-237] - LF5 warning after clicking the 'Add newsletter' button
  • [NEWSLETTER-238] - Unable to add a newsletter in an empty category (buttons disabled)
  • [NEWSLETTER-239] - Mistakes in i18n translations
  • [NEWSLETTER-240] - The images of "insert the latest publications" should be encoded in Base64
  • [NEWSLETTER-241] - 'Add newsletter' and 'Automatic newsletters' buttons are not refreshed after selecting a template on a newletter category
  • [NEWSLETTER-242] - New newsletter dialog is badly positionned, offsets the whole cms
  • [NEWSLETTER-244] - After deleting a newsletter, its category is selected but the contextual ribbon tab is not displayed
  • [NEWSLETTER-245] - Unable to send a newsletter : NullPointer getBodyAsHTML
  • [NEWSLETTER-246] - Can't send a newsletter : NPE
  • [NEWSLETTER-247] - Can't use both buttons : Import subscriber and Add subscribers
  • [NEWSLETTER-249] - Ibatis error when accessing the database
  • [NEWSLETTER-250] - CleanUp configuration of richtext
  • [NEWSLETTER-251] - Spellmistake "Int├ęgrer les images par les mails"
  • [NEWSLETTER-254] - Out of memory error when sending newsletter
  • [NEWSLETTER-255] - The "automatic" button is active whereas it should not
  • [NEWSLETTER-256] - For each newsletter validated, the CMS is longer until it uses all the RAM
  • [NEWSLETTER-257] - In the model.xml we should be able to add css classes that does not disappear when the content is edited with tinymce
  • [NEWSLETTER-258] - In the model.xml, we should be able to insert img tags
  • [NEWSLETTER-260] - The new feature to add email adresses does not work
  • [NEWSLETTER-262] - Unable to save rich text of a newsletter when I insert last publication with comments
  • [NEWSLETTER-264] - For newsletter GA Tracking, Open and Send Events labels are not identicals
  • [NEWSLETTER-265] - Open event action parameters not properly set

New Feature

  • [NEWSLETTER-259] - NewsletterRightsContextConvertor should return a newsletter ContentType



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