Release Notes - Forms - Version 2.3.0 - HTML format


  • [FORMS-10] - Forms and space after/before
  • [FORMS-17] - Delete a fields group
  • [FORMS-230] - The ribbon in the forms is broken
  • [FORMS-238] - I cannot come back to the "left labels" layout if I ever used the "Top labels" layout
  • [FORMS-246] - Unable to add choices in a group of fields with labels on the top
  • [FORMS-322] - An error occured when displayed form entries when entries has invalid workflow value
  • [FORMS-327] - The form is invisible in the editor, in the preview and the front
  • [FORMS-328] - docbook2html.xsl use a unknown template "fill-user-input-js"
  • [FORMS-329] - Edit of the option « coché par défaut » of a form
  • [FORMS-330] - Unable to access to public success page in intranet website
  • [FORMS-331] - The creation of a group of check box with layout "top labels" does not work


  • [FORMS-321] - replace all calls to getBlob/getBinaryStream to use SQLDatabaseTypeExtensionPoint.getBlob/setBlob


  • [FORMS-62] - Unable to add cancel button and ok button on the same line
  • [FORMS-314] - Widget for rule 'Date and Time'

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