Release Notes - Workspaces - Version 2.1.3 - HTML format


  • [WORKSPACES-777] - Menu on Mobile view
  • [WORKSPACES-1135] - Local video is not correctly displayed in edition
  • [WORKSPACES-1143] - Renamed files appears with unknown icon in activity stream
  • [WORKSPACES-1144] - Missing i18n values on mini-service to display projects
  • [WORKSPACES-1145] - The card to add a news display the name of the user who create the last news (catalog)
  • [WORKSPACES-1149] - Pb when displaying fields wich are not in the kernel model in member page header


  • [WORKSPACES-1118] - Sax the project idof the main category of the project into the simples services

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