Release Notes - Front Edition - Version 1.4.0 - HTML format


  • [FRONTEDIT-87] - Impossible to edit a TagWidget
  • [FRONTEDIT-89] - In the front when we are not in edit mode the pencils are displayed
  • [FRONTEDIT-92] - The buttons are not loaded when we are in start mode
  • [FRONTEDIT-93] - A CSS file is missing
  • [FRONTEDIT-94] - The button should have a label
  • [FRONTEDIT-95] - The class "ametys-front-edition-running" should appears when the edition is running
  • [FRONTEDIT-96] - With jquery 3.2.1 an error occurred while editing
  • [FRONTEDIT-97] - StackTraces are still minified in front edition
  • [FRONTEDIT-98] - An error occurs when I edit a rich text
  • [FRONTEDIT-99] - When we are in front office icons don't display
  • [FRONTEDIT-101] - The theme-ametys-base.css is not working
  • [FRONTEDIT-102] - In edition, the height of content is too small (100px)
  • [FRONTEDIT-103] - Unable to tag a page from FO
  • [FRONTEDIT-107] - JS crash when deleting a page with a quote
  • [FRONTEDIT-109] - Shared images are not displayed when the modification widget is open
  • [FRONTEDIT-110] - Front edition does not work on IE11
  • [FRONTEDIT-113] - Not possible to add links in content

New Feature


  • [FRONTEDIT-84] - remove the cast to int in FrontEditionHelper.moveZoneItemId (break 4.1 compatibility)


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