Release Notes - Front Edition - Version 1.6.0 - HTML format


  • [FRONTEDIT-22] - Display an error when the content is locked
  • [FRONTEDIT-26] - Missing ressources when uploading an image
  • [FRONTEDIT-29] - Underline style when buttons are over
  • [FRONTEDIT-40] - handle rights client side on file upload
  • [FRONTEDIT-43] - Validation button does not appear if i18n key is missing
  • [FRONTEDIT-57] - On mobile, bullets and numbering don't work correctly
  • [FRONTEDIT-65] - 2 errors in minimizer about two css files not found
  • [FRONTEDIT-72] - Incorrect word in french for edition
  • [FRONTEDIT-73] - Inconsistency between right assignments, messages and right-checking
  • [FRONTEDIT-74] - Dialog box can open not horizontally centered
  • [FRONTEDIT-75] - Text instead of button
  • [FRONTEDIT-76] - Link Styles: typo of "Email"
  • [FRONTEDIT-81] - Error on wrapping page (not real page)
  • [FRONTEDIT-88] - Cannot edit a multilingual content metadata
  • [FRONTEDIT-91] - Error when inserting an attached file
  • [FRONTEDIT-104] - Move up or move down a root page does nothing
  • [FRONTEDIT-106] - In front office when I do not have the rights I can still have the possibility to change some things
  • [FRONTEDIT-108] - Front Office: Image Name of Resource Explorer with Umlaut
  • [FRONTEDIT-114] - AmetysFrontEdition.refresh(filterPageId) can fail depending on languages
  • [FRONTEDIT-117] - Front office edition does not work anymore
  • [FRONTEDIT-119] - An error occured recurrently "No answer from server"
  • [FRONTEDIT-120] - Remove "sub" and "sup" buttons in rich text editor
  • [FRONTEDIT-124] - Error when trying to add shared image
  • [FRONTEDIT-130] - Icons problem on Shared image link
  • [FRONTEDIT-131] - Image refresh problem on Cropping
  • [FRONTEDIT-132] - Wizard Step1 - Warning display problem on missing mandatory filed
  • [FRONTEDIT-133] - Disable time display in Front edition date/time widget
  • [FRONTEDIT-135] - The widget date is not well sized
  • [FRONTEDIT-136] - I can't use an i18n key for js-texts-confirm-text param of ametys-front-edition-insert-delete-page-button
  • [FRONTEDIT-138] - Review of improvements
  • [FRONTEDIT-139] - Remove a content which has been edited doesn't work
  • [FRONTEDIT-140] - Create Page Wizard redirection fails with languages
  • [FRONTEDIT-141] - Error when loading front-edition before Ext hash finish to load
  • [FRONTEDIT-142] - Front edition activation cannot be enabled


  • [FRONTEDIT-71] - Add image preview on hover when choosing share file
  • [FRONTEDIT-118] - The "toggle mode" button should not depend on all the front-edition stack
  • [FRONTEDIT-121] - Review and improve save/cancel confirmations and actions
  • [FRONTEDIT-122] - Add waiting animation on Front edition JS files loading
  • [FRONTEDIT-123] - Theming integration
  • [FRONTEDIT-125] - When editing a long richtext, the menu disapears when I scroll down
  • [FRONTEDIT-126] - The list of titles and paragraphs could use the styles of the skin (like that of the back office)
  • [FRONTEDIT-134] - In the rich front office editor add the option "No bullet" as in the back office
  • [FRONTEDIT-137] - Saving the content of the rich editor must be done by clicking on the "Save" button and not by clicking outside the frame

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