Release Notes - ContentTypes Editor - Version 1.0.0 - HTML format


  • [CTYPEEDIT-14] - Used labels in tree
  • [CTYPEEDIT-15] - The name of the exported XLS file should be the label of exported content type
  • [CTYPEEDIT-16] - Missing JSDoc in JS file
  • [CTYPEEDIT-26] - JS error when trying to open content type from the tree
  • [CTYPEEDIT-27] - File null.xls in zip archive
  • [CTYPEEDIT-28] - When no node is selected there is big white space
  • [CTYPEEDIT-31] - When we swich to the flat view content type with a selected content type which does't exist in flat view, it produce an error
  • [CTYPEEDIT-32] - Toggle buttons of content types tool don't work anymore
  • [CTYPEEDIT-36] - Use Ametys.openWindow for all exports
  • [CTYPEEDIT-41] - The metadata set does not include metadata of super types
  • [CTYPEEDIT-42] - Go to metadata from a indexing field
  • [CTYPEEDIT-43] - Move filter on metedata in ribbon
  • [CTYPEEDIT-44] - Icon or glyph use in tree and details view should be computed in JS instead of from server side
  • [CTYPEEDIT-45] - Mixin tag appears in supertypes information
  • [CTYPEEDIT-48] - [Graphic export] Some export fails
  • [CTYPEEDIT-51] - [Graphic export] Export a lot of content types create a cropped picture
  • [CTYPEEDIT-52] - Error in image path
  • [CTYPEEDIT-53] - In the flat view of content types tool, there are duplicated content types
  • [CTYPEEDIT-54] - Toggle buttons (hide mixin/abstract/ref table) act on hierarchical view of content types
  • [CTYPEEDIT-57] - Selection changing infinitely in tree
  • [CTYPEEDIT-87] - The save button is not stick to dirty tools

New Feature

  • [CTYPEEDIT-2] - Add a new tool to display content types' general informations
  • [CTYPEEDIT-9] - Add meta-data informations in the content type editor tool
  • [CTYPEEDIT-13] - Export content type infos to excel format


  • [CTYPEEDIT-1] - Plugin Intialization
  • [CTYPEEDIT-17] - Add filter for tree content types
  • [CTYPEEDIT-18] - Add toggle button for hide abstract content type in tree
  • [CTYPEEDIT-19] - Add toggle button for hide mixin content type in tree
  • [CTYPEEDIT-20] - Add toggle button for hide reference table content type in tree
  • [CTYPEEDIT-21] - Add a flat view button for content type tree
  • [CTYPEEDIT-22] - Add source decorator
  • [CTYPEEDIT-23] - Create zip excel export for all content types
  • [CTYPEEDIT-24] - Create UML export for each content type
  • [CTYPEEDIT-25] - Create UML export for all content types
  • [CTYPEEDIT-30] - Remove filter of content types tree
  • [CTYPEEDIT-33] - Add clickable links to reference content types in metadata details view
  • [CTYPEEDIT-34] - Display enumerator in metadata details view
  • [CTYPEEDIT-35] - Display validator in metadata details view
  • [CTYPEEDIT-38] - Add toggle button to display only metadatas of reference content type
  • [CTYPEEDIT-39] - Add indexing model node to the tree of content types editor tool


  • [CTYPEEDIT-12] - Open content type editor tool on double click in content type tree
  • [CTYPEEDIT-29] - Add multiselection in content types tree
  • [CTYPEEDIT-37] - Improve the metadata view of a content type


  • [CTYPEEDIT-3] - Move content type tool in the content type editor plugin
  • [CTYPEEDIT-4] - Change content type tool's type
  • [CTYPEEDIT-5] - Add a contextual tab in the ribbon
  • [CTYPEEDIT-6] - Add empty content type editor tool
  • [CTYPEEDIT-7] - Display general informations in the content type editor tool
  • [CTYPEEDIT-8] - Impact content type editor tool selection in the content type tree
  • [CTYPEEDIT-10] - Create the tree of meta-data
  • [CTYPEEDIT-11] - Display meta-data details

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