Release Notes - Blog - Version 2.0.0 - HTML format


  • [BLOG-89] - The title of the RSS is empty
  • [BLOG-92] - Invalid path for tags page if blog root page is not the sitemap root
  • [BLOG-93] - Search tool : can't select workflow for the workflowStep search criteria
  • [BLOG-94] - Build of plugin blog failed because of i18n
  • [BLOG-95] - Tag widget for blog post is not the expected one
  • [BLOG-97] - RSS on blog does not take care about the date of the post
  • [BLOG-98] - Posts are available in three pages in the blog
  • [BLOG-101] - The blog root page does not seem to be set properly
  • [BLOG-103] - Virtual tags pages with depth > 1 does not work
  • [BLOG-105] - Blog creation works only for the languages french and/or english
  • [BLOG-106] - Link on posts doesn't work
  • [BLOG-109] - Unable to add a new tag when editing a tag
  • [BLOG-110] - No contexual tab available when opening the tags tools
  • [BLOG-114] - Double quotes in label of right to create an "about" content
  • [BLOG-115] - NPE when opening search tool
  • [BLOG-116] - Blog ribbon is missing the "Logout" control in the user menu
  • [BLOG-117] - Unnecessary backslashes in the label of a right
  • [BLOG-118] - List of posts cannot be displayed
  • [BLOG-120] - Error when opening blog site
  • [BLOG-121] - All pages of blog site deleted after deleting a single post
  • [BLOG-122] - Button OK not clickable after selecting tag
  • [BLOG-123] - RSS feed is not available
  • [BLOG-125] - The blog search results displays the french and english posts
  • [BLOG-126] - Error when open a post outside a page
  • [BLOG-129] - The field for the date of the post is not initialized with the current date
  • [BLOG-131] - Search by tags does not work
  • [BLOG-138] - Missing i18 key for a skin template

New Feature

  • [BLOG-127] - Externalize the content types definition


  • [BLOG-91] - Migrate plugin Blog for Ametys v4.0
  • [BLOG-107] - Seach tool on blog site does not work


  • [BLOG-99] - Add two parameters to the navigation by tag service
  • [BLOG-128] - Add a XSLT helper to get the id of a tag page
  • [BLOG-130] - New created posts do not appear in search results

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