Release Notes - Skin factory - Version 2.0.0 - HTML format


New Feature


  • [SKINFACTORY-28] - The loading message should not be in the middle of the page ?
  • [SKINFACTORY-75] - We should have the rgba format color for color styles of the skin factory
  • [SKINFACTORY-77] - The styles of the newsletter template should be scanned by the skin factory to change main colors like in the rest of the website
  • [SKINFACTORY-81] - Migrate Skin Factory for Ametys v4
  • [SKINFACTORY-106] - Dynamic ribbon menu does not show any menu items
  • [SKINFACTORY-143] - First time we open the skin factory tool, the design menu does not appear
  • [SKINFACTORY-151] - Add CSS properties : border-radius, background-position and background-repeat
  • [SKINFACTORY-152] - We should provide an easly process to add css properties that have not been initialy planned

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