Release Notes - Business Process Management - Version 1.0.0 - HTML format


  • [BPM-2] - When there is no workflow definitions add a warning text to explain
  • [BPM-3] - Cannot use i18n keys for variables
  • [BPM-4] - Change workflow glyph
  • [BPM-5] - Variable description should use "description" option instead of "ametysDescription"
  • [BPM-7] - A multiple variable is not multiple
  • [BPM-13] - JS error when trying to edit a workflow
  • [BPM-14] - Because of BPM plugin, the "other" category of services is badly translated
  • [BPM-15] - Rename right for services
  • [BPM-16] - Notification mail on workflow transition
  • [BPM-17] - The process owner can not edit its own process
  • [BPM-18] - Wrong message displayed when user has no access to workflow
  • [BPM-19] - The current step of a process is not visible from dashboard
  • [BPM-20] - Anonymous user can access to the page of a processus
  • [BPM-22] - The rendering of a process cannot be overriden
  • [BPM-23] - Create a helper method to get the page of process
  • [BPM-24] - Error are not handle when doing workflow action or deleting a process
  • [BPM-25] - ProcessWorkflowAction should work directly with process id
  • [BPM-26] - Creation création or edition, we should be automatically redirected to process page
  • [BPM-28] - Add confirmation before deleting process on FO side
  • [BPM-29] - Cannot edit a process from FO
  • [BPM-30] - Refactor filters for dashboard service
  • [BPM-31] - I can delete an unexisting attachment
  • [BPM-32] - No default sort for dashboard
  • [BPM-33] - Refactor handle of attachments for creation service
  • [BPM-34] - Workflow of a process is deleted when it reaches the final step
  • [BPM-35] - When the SendProcessMailFunction failed because of a untranslated body or subject, the whole processus failed
  • [BPM-37] - Processes deleted from the site are deleted from jcr workspace live instead of default
  • [BPM-38] - The template bpm-process is not used when we come from the dashboard
  • [BPM-39] - An error occured if you create a processus from BO
  • [BPM-41] - I can't create a process because some i18n key are missing
  • [BPM-45] - When the definition of the workflow is missing in WEB-INF/param, it should not be listed as a valid workflow

New Feature

  • [BPM-1] - Add workflow definitions feature
  • [BPM-6] - Creation and management of processes


  • [BPM-27] - Add helper methods to get create process and dashboard pages


  • [BPM-8] - Process creation service
  • [BPM-9] - Display a process on its own page
  • [BPM-10] - Display and execute workflow actions on a process
  • [BPM-11] - Dashboard service to show the processes of a user
  • [BPM-12] - BackOffice grid to list and delete a workflow's processes

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